We grade faster and more accurately, reducing error and your cost by utilizing 3D technology.  See a list of our services below.


Skidder loggng trees
Land Clearing +

Successful land clearing begins with a good action plan. Knowing what need to be removed, and how accomplish this efficiently, while protecting the integrity of the surrounding area is the primary focus.


  • Clear Cutting

  • Select Cutting

  • Under Brushing

  • Chip & Haul

  • Stripping Vegetation

Bomag reclaimer mixing lime slurry
Soil Stabilization, Concrete + Asphalt

When it comes to paving, the subgrade is the critical part to prolonged life expectancy. We work with customers, suppliers, and geotechnical labs to ensure the proper material and application rates are used to properly stabilize paving subgrade.

  • Lime Slurry

  • Blended Lime/Fly-Ash

  • Straight Fly-Ash

Building Pad Construction

A building is only as good as its foundation and proper building pad construction is essential for long-term stability. We communicate directly with our customers, suppliers, and testing labs to ensure each pad exceeds expectations.

  • Commercial Retail

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Laydown Yards

  • Storage

grass paver along detention pond
SWPPP inlet protection barrie
Conveyor Application Systems AT-7 All-Terrain Material Conveyor Placer
Storm Water Detention + Mitigation

Moving earth is one of the biggest cost when it comes to site prep. Let us put our GPS equipment to work to effectively and efficiently get the site to grade quicker while reducing cost and time. If you are a developer looking to maximize the use of your property and do not want a pond to consume valuable real estate, we can offer suggestions on Low-Impact Development to give you back you land and successfully exceed city, county, and/or flood control requirements.


  • Earthen Detention Ponds

  • (LID) Low-Impact Development

    • Underground Detention Chambers

    • Permeable Pavers

    • Focal Point Drainage

  • Living Retaining Walls

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

The most important part of starting any construction project is proper (SWPPP) Storm Water Pollution Prevention. We offer turn-key SWPPP compliance to suit all our customers’ needs, while offering cost saving options that achieve complete compliance with all regulations.

    • SWPPP Narrative Plan & Permitting

      • (CSI) Construction Site Notice

      • (NOI) Notice of Intent

      • (NOT) Notice of Termination

      • Operator Filings

    • SWPPP Best Management Practice Installation

      • Site Access

      • Perimeter Controls

      • Inlet Protection Barriers

      • Flow Control Barriers

    • Inspections

      • Weekly or Monthly

Industrial Services

When you need help, call on us! We can deploy a wide range of equipment and trucks to handle any situation.

  • Connex relocation or hauling

  • Excavation and/or backfill of utility trenches

  • Excavation of footings, grade beams, or foundations
  • Backfill of Underground Storage Tanks utilizing our new All-Terrain material conveyor. It is 300-400 % faster than traditional backfill methods
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Rain Tanks
    • Storm Chambers
  • Haul off of earthen spoil material
  • Demo & disposal of concrete, asphalt or base material
  • Feeding of Tele-Belt equipment
  • Construction trash/debris removal
  • Placement and filling of HESCO Barriers for flood prevention


CAS AT-7 & RL-26
CAS AT-7 & RL-26

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CAS AT-7 & RL-26
CAS AT-7 & RL-26

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placing lime slurry
placing lime slurry

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CAS AT-7 & RL-26
CAS AT-7 & RL-26

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G-TEX Construction, Inc. has a proud track record of delivering consistent, exceptional work in earthmoving, storm water, and paving solutions. Our team has hands-on experience in providing civil construction services using the latest GPS and 3D Automatic Machine technology.  We manage projects from initial design to ultimate completion. Our scope of work includes: land clearing, stripping vegetation, building pad construction, soil stabilization, underground utilities, concrete, asphalt, storm water pollution prevention, and storm water low impact development. 



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